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  • Our son Kevin just loves working at Westminster Village! He calls it "working at the restaurant" and looks forward to the days he is there. He is learning wonderful workplace skills that will serve him well in life. The staff and residents have been so welcoming to Kevin and his classmates. ... read more
  • ‚ÄčI love it, I love it! I love the students visiting and love teaching them dining service skills and side duties. This needs to happen more all around country and the world, because its giving hope to parents and helping others. ... read more
  • Our students come back to school after an afternoon at "work" with the biggest smiles plastered on their faces and they can't wait to tell me about all of the tasks they have completed.
  • Hope For Hire has been a God send! Chef J. Maxwell is blazing a path for us where the system gave us only a road block.
  • A lot of our parents have worries in regards to, "what happens to my child after high school?" Hope For Hire has helped us bring peace to these families in reassuring them that their student will have the skill sets for more independent in their future.
  • "What a treat to see a program like this happening right in front of us, so wonderful!"
  • "The best part was being part of a team."
  • "Hope For Hire means the world to me"
  • "Hope For Hire is everything to me"


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